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Leadership Philosophy

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. 

I'll meet you there."



Aerial Shot of Seashore

Why this quote...

This single quote changed much of how I view relations with others (colleagues, friends and family) and even my own world view. 


Each of us holds a perspective that is legitimate-  based on valid interpretations of one's own reality. 


Misunderstanding and conflict occurs when people believe their view is the right one. 


But once we recognize another's views are also right, the dynamic changes. 


More often than not, however, others are less willing, or even resistant, to understand our own view in return.  But that's ok...

Empathy: more than a buzzword

  When another person is not open to understanding another perspective, expecting or even forcing your own views is rarely effective. That is why and how power structures form- for better or worse.  


Instead, in times of disagreement or misunderstanding, when we seek a 'third way' solution that incorporates the benefits for both, it is oftentimes the most effective way to move forward.

This involves firstly to listen fully to others until they feel heard, then respond by suggesting a pathway forward that meets your needs- but is explained according to their own view.

It takes practice, but I've come to learn this pathway is usually the most lasting way through and forward.

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